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(Français) [Portrait] Mathurin Massias, nouveau chercheur dans l’équipe Dante

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[Seminar MLSP] Thomas Debarre. Total-Variation-Based Optimization: Theory and Algorithms for Minimal Sparsity

We will receive Thomas Debarre on Thursday 23th September for a seminar. Title : Total-Variation-Based Optimization: Theory and Algorithms for Minimal Sparsity Abstract : The total-variation (TV) norm for measures as a regularizer for continuous-domain inverse problems has been the subject of many recent works, both on the theoretical and algorithmic sides. Its sparsity-promoting effect is now well …

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[Seminar MLSP] Alexandre ARAUJO. Building Compact and Robust Deep Neural Networks with Toeplitz Matrices

We will receive Alexandre ARAUJO on Thursday 1st July for a seminar Title: Building Compact and Robust Deep Neural Networks with Toeplitz Matrices Abstract: Deep neural networks are state-of-the-art in a wide variety of tasks, however, they exhibit important limitations which hinder their use and deployment in real-world applications. When developing and training neural networks, the accuracy should not be …

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Rémi Vaudaine. Contextual anomalies in graphs, detection and explanation

For the MLSP seminars we will receive Rémi Vaudaine, on Thursday 24th June at 3.30pm,  who will talk  about  anomalies detection in graphs: Title: Contextual anomalies in graphs, detection and explanation Abstract: Graph anomaly detection have proved very useful in a wide range of domains. For instance, for detecting anomalous accounts (e.g. bots, terrorists, opinion spammers or social …

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Márton Karsai receives the Junior Scientific Award of the Complex System Society

Since 2014, the Complex System Society gives the Junior Scientific Award to young members of the society (within ten years of completing their PhD)  to recognise their extraordinary scientific achievements within the field of complex systems/ For the year 2018, the Junior Scientific Award was given to Márton Karsai “for his many outstanding contributions to the science of …

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(Français) L’appel à projets 2017 de la Fondation Blaise Pascal


New research collaboration to enrich public debate around “fake news”

LYON, FRANCE. Today sees the launch of a new research collaboration, A Field Guide to Fake News at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, a gathering of thousands of journalists from across Europe and around the world.   The guide aims to enrich and stimulate public debate and responses to “fake news” online – by …

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Yannick PhD défense: Deep dive into social network and economic data: a data driven approach for uncovering temporal ties, human mobility and socioeconomic correlations

Date: Friday December 16th at 2pm Place: ENS de Lyon (Site Descartes) in Amphitheatre Descartes. This thesis is interdisciplinary, I will present some results in Network Science, Dynamic Graphs but also Sociology, Economy and Geography. For this reason, it was important for me to organize it in Descartes and if you do not hesitate to …

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Paper on Socioeconomic correlations and stratification in social-communication networks

Published in Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 13 125 (2016) Abstract The uneven distribution of wealth and individual economic capacities are among the main forces, which shape modern societies and arguably bias the emerging social structures. However, the study of correlations between the social network and economic status of individuals is difficult due to …

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Publication in TCS: On MultiAspect graphs

by Klaus Wehmuth, , Éric Fleury, , Artur Ziviani, Abstract Different graph generalizations have been recently used in an ad-hoc manner to represent multilayer networks, i.e. systems formed by distinct layers where each layer can be seen as a network. Similar constructions have also been used to represent time-varying networks. We introduce the concept …

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