6 papers accepted at GRETSI

The following papers will be presented by the team at the next GRETSI:

  • Sparsity in neural networks can improve their privacy“, Antoine Gonon, Léon Zheng, Clément Lalanne, Quoc-Tung Le, Guillaume Lauga, Can Pouliquen. https://hal.science/hal-04062317v2
  • “Implicit differentiation for hyperparameter tuning the weighted Graphical Lasso“, Can Pouliquen, Paulo Gonçalves, Mathurin Massias, Titouan Vayer.
  • Méthodes multi-niveaux pour la restauration d’images hyperspectrales“, Guillaume Lauga, Elisa Riccietti, Nelly Pustelnik, Paulo Gonçalves. https://hal.science/hal-04067225v1
  • Factorisation butterfly par identification algorithmique de blocs de rang un“, Léon Zheng, Gilles Puy, Elisa Riccietti, Patrick Pérez, Rémi Gribonval.
  • Scaling is all you need: quantization of butterfly matrix products via optimal rank-one quantization“, Rémi Gribonval, Théo Mary, Elisa Riccietti.
  • Un algorithme matriciel pour le calcul des composantes connectées d’un réseau complexe temporel”, Rémi Vaudaine, Pierre Borgnat, Paulo Gonçalves, Rémi Gribonval, Márton Karsai.

In addition, Titouan Vayer will organize a special session on “Graph Learning & Learning with Graphs” with Arnaud Breloy.
See you in Grenoble!