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ANR – REsilient and FLEXible Infrastructure for Open Networking: REFLEXION

The REFLEXION (REsilient and FLEXible Infrastructure for Open Networking) project, started in February 2015, is an industrial research project that leans on the complementary technical expertise of the partners to bring (i) robustness and flexibility in NFV-SDN architectures, in particular to support critical services, and (ii) dynamicity and efficiency for the provisioning and the chaining …

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ANR – DIstributed SDN COntrollers: DISCO

DISCO (DIstributed SDN COntrollers for rich and elastic network services) is an ANR funded project. It started on January 1st 2014 and it will last up to June 2017. DISCO proposes to explore the way how SDN changes network monitoring, control, urbanisation and abstract description of network resources for the optimisation of services. SDN promises …

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Solver to classical queues

This site presents some of our work related to the numerical analysis of queueing systems. We provide the solution for some classical models of queues. Since February 2015, it provides the approximate solution to the G/G/C-like queue. Direct URL: