Projects attached to the icon are still on progress.

Support experts in understanding attacks

  • GEPETO  evaluates sanitization methods and inference attacks on geolocated data
  •  GroddDroid triggers the malicious code
  • Kayrebt analyses and explores C code, more specifically, the Linux kernel codebase
  • Kharon is a full platform dedicated to Android malware analysis
  • Netzob reverse reverse unknown communication protocols
  • StarLord correlates logs events and display resulting graph in a 3D view
  • TEMPO is a platform dedicated to Windows evasive malware 
  • VEGAS is visualization tool to easily identify, explore and group alerts generated by an IDS

Support experts in detecting attacks

  •  Blare is an information flow monitor at the operating system level (for Android and Linux)
  • Conductor  detects low-level intrusions using a co-processor isolated from the main processor
  • GNG an intrusion detection system
  • HardBlare implements hardware DIFC on Xilinx Zynq Platform

Allows to build resistant systems

  • SpecCert specifies and verifies hardware-based security mechanisms.

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