Team members

Team Members
Long-term visitors and external members
  • Frédéric Majorczyk (DGA-MI)
  • David Lanoë (CentraleSupélec)
PhD students
  • Erwan Godefroy
    Alert correlation driven by knowledge of environment
    defence 2015; Advisor: M. Hurfin, co-advisors: E. Totel and L. Mé
    grant of the DGA-MI and Inria
  • Julien Lolive
    Entwining identification and privacy techniques
    defence 2015; Advisor: C. Fontaine (Télécom Bretagne), co-advisor: S. Gambs (UQÀM)
    CominLabs project POSEIDON
  • Deepak Subramanian
    Multi-level information flow monitoring
    defence 2016; Advisor: C. Bidan, co-advisor: G. Hiet
    CominLabs project SecCloud + ARED grant from the Brittany region
  • Antoine Guellier
    Using homomorphic cryptography to ensure privacy in ad hoc networks
    defence 2016; Advisor: C. Bidan, co-advisor: N. Prigent
    grant of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • Mouna Hkimi
    Intrusion Detection in Distributed Systems : Application to Cloud Computing
    defence 2016; Advisor: E. Totel, co-advisors: M. Hurfin, Y. Labiche
    Inria grant CORDI-S
  • Laurent Georget
    Formal validation of an information flow monitor
    defence 2017; Advisor: V. Viet Triem Tong, co-advisors: F. Tronel, G. Piolle, M. Jaume (Uni. Paris 6)
    grant of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • Florian Grandhomme
    [fr] Étude de protocoles de routage dynamique externe de type BGP dans un environnement réseaux tactiques adhoc mobiles : faisabilité, performances, qualité de service et passage à l’échelle.
    defence 2017; Advisor: Adlen Ksentini (Uni. Rennes 1), co-advisor: G. Guette
    grant of the DGA-MI
  • Solenn Brunet
    Privacy-preserving location-based services.
    defence 2017; Advisors: C. Bidan, S. Gambs (UQÀM), J. Traoré (Orange Labs Caen)
    grant of Orange
  • Thomas Letan
    Contributions to the Security of Information Systems Low Level Layers
    defence 2018; Advisors: L. Mé, G. Hiet, P. Chifflier (ANSSI)
    funded by ANSSI
  • Damien Crémilleux
    Visualisation d’évènements de sécurité pour la supervision
    defence 2018; Advisors: C. Bidan, N. Prigent, F. Majorczyk
    PEC/DGA grant
  • Mourad Leslous
    Automatic identification of malware against Android platforms
    defence 2018; Advisors: Thomas Genet (IRISA/Celtique), V. Viet Triem Tong, Jean-François Lalande (INSA Centre Val-de-Loire)
    funded by a Bretagne region ARED grant and a Labex Cominlabs grant on the Kharon project
  • Mounir Nasr Allahdefence 2018; Advisors: L. Mé, G. Hiet, Pascal Cotret (CentraleSupélec/SCEE)
    CominLabs project HardBlare + CIDRE funding
  • Pernelle Mensah
    Risk-aware security policies adaptation in modern communication infrastructures
    defence 2018; Advisors: E. Totel, G. Piolle, Christine Morin (Inria/MYRIADS), Samuel Dubus (Nokia)
    Nokia CIFRE grant
  • Aurélien Dupin
    The main purpose of this thesis is to study how the secure multi-party computation can be used to enhance users privacy.
    defence 2019; Advisors: C. Bidan, Jean-Marc Robert (ETS Montréal), David Pointcheval (ENS/CRYPTO), Renaud Dubois (Thalès Communications and Security)
    Thalès CIFRE grant
Former permanent members and long-term visitors
  • Pierre Obame Meye (PhD 2016)
  • Christopher Humphries (PhD 2015)
  • Paul Lajoie-Mazenc (PhD 2015)
  • Regina Paiva Melo Marin (PhD 2015)
  • Mounir Assaf (PhD 2015)
  • Georges Bossert (PhD 2014)
  • Radoniaina Andriatsimandefitra (PhD 2014)
  • Thomas Demongeot (PhD 2013)
  • Christophe Hauser (PhD 2013)
  • Jonathan-Christofer Demay (PhD 2011)
  • Dali Ayachi (PhD 2011)
  • Jean-Marie Borello (PhD 2011)
  • Mehdi Talbi (PhD 2010)
  • Yannick Carlinet (PhD 2010)
  • François Lesueur (PhD 2009)
  • Asmaa Adnane (PhD 2008)
  • Guillaume Hiet (PhD 2008)
  • Frédéric Majorczyk (PhD 2008)
  • Jouni Viinikka (PhD 2006)
  • Elvis Tombini (PhD 2006)
  • Nicolas Prigent (PhD 2005)
  • Thomas Duval (PhD 2005)
  • Jean-Marc Percher (PhD 2004)
  • Ricardo Puttini (PhD 2004)
  • Jacob Zimmermann (PhD 2003)
  • Cédric Michel (PhD 2003)
  • Zakia Marrakchi (PhD 2002)

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