Research Engineer in Design of metabolic models for microalgae under non balanced growth (M/F)

The work will then consist in:

  • Review of the existing metabolic microalgal models and understand the DRUM approach (Baroukh et al. 2014).
  • Add an heterotrophic pathway
  • Use bioinformatics tool to build metabolic networks or complete/add pathways, of interest
  • Reduce and calibrate the model using the DRUM framework.
  • Test the model accuracy in a wide variety of situations


References :

  • Baroukh, C., Muñoz-Tamayo, R., Steyer, J. P., & Bernard, O. (2014). DRUM: a new framework for metabolic modeling under non-balanced growth. Application to the carbon metabolism of unicellular microalgae.
  • Baroukh, C., Muñoz-Tamayo, R., Bernard, O., & Steyer, J. P. (2015). Mathematical modeling of unicellular microalgae and cyanobacteria metabolism for biofuel production. Current opinion in biotechnology, 33, 198-205.
  • Baroukh, C., Muñoz-Tamayo, R., Steyer, J. P., & Bernard, O. (2015). A state of the art of metabolic networks of unicellular microalgae and cyanobacteria for biofuel production. Metabolic engineering, 30, 49-60.
Skills and profile
The candidate must have a PhD with a recognized experience in metabolic modelling (FBA, FVA, FCA, EFMs, DFBA), with knowledge of associated tools (to solve linear optimization problems, to compute EFMs, to find relevant enzyme in KEGG or Metacyc, …) . Knowledge of kinetic modelling, parameters’ estimation and microalgal metabolism would be appreciated.


Additional information
Contract duration : 16 months

Expected starting date : 1st January 2016

Gross salary per month : from 2600 to 3300 euros depending on diploma and experience

Place of work : The candidate will be based at Inria Sophia-Antipolis, and interact frequently with Fermentalg.

Business restaurant on site


Required documents and sending of the application

Please send your detailed Resume and Covering letter showing your interest and letters of recommendation.

  1. directly on the web site Inria
  2. by email to the scientist manager :

Applications must be sent before : 31/12/2015