Our objective is to explore the Central Nervous System (CNS) through computational imaging, by putting emphasis on signal and image recording from Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI), Magneto-Encephalography (MEG) and Electro-Encephalography (EEG).

Our strategy for measuring and processing the CNS (brain and spinal cord) functional and anatomical connectivities is based on the following road map:

  • Develop rigorous mathematical and computational tools for the analysis and interpretation of Diffusion MRI and MEG and EEG data.
  • Improve acquisition and processing techniques and push forward the state-of-the-art in Computational CNS imaging.
  • Use our expertise and collaborations to address collaborators clinical and neuroscience questions.

In order to further increase the impact of our research, we also aim to push our contributions towards some selected applications related to some important CNS diseases, neuroscience questions and Brain Computer Interface applications.

Our main research directions are :

  • dMRI and MEEG signal acquisitions and processing
  • Computational Di ffusion MRI to recover the structural connectivity of the CNS & Applications
  • Unveiling brain activity using accurate M/EEG forward/inverse models.
  • Combining spatio-temporal structural and functional CNS imaging modalities
  • Brain Computer Interface design based on MEEG signals.

Note that Athena, as well as NeuroMathComp, were part of the former Odyssée project team, ended in Dec. 2009.