AGRIF (Adaptive Grid Refinement In Fortran) is a Fortran 90 package for the integration of full adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) features within a multidimensional finite difference model written in Fortran. Its main objective is to simplify the integration of AMR potentialities within an existing model with minimal changes.

Capabilities of this package include the management of an arbitrary number of grids, horizontal and/or vertical refinements, dynamic regridding, parallelization of the grids interactions on distributed memory computers.

AGRIF requires the model to be discretized on a structured grid, like is typically done in ocean or atmosphere modelling. As an example, AGRIF is currently used in the following ocean models: MARS (a coastal model developed at IFREMER-France), ROMS (a regional model developed jointly at Rutgers and UCLA universities) and OPA/NEMO (a general circulation model used by the French and European scientific community). AGRIF is licensed under a CECILL-C license and can be downloaded at its web site. More than two hundred downloads of the software have been done during the last year.

Website: Contact: Laurent Debreu (MOISE).


Tangent and adjoint models for the NEMO platform of the oceanic modelling that have been delopped by the MOISE team have been published now under Cecill license and distributed by the NEMO consortium.

Website: Contact: Arthur Vidard (MOISE).


The SWEET (Shallow Water Equation Environment for Tests, Awesome!) software package targets fast prototyping of numerical methods on the 2D plane and sphere. It is mainly used to research numerical time integration methods for single-layer prototypes of atmospheric models (aka shallow-water equations) regarding the horizontal aspects, but is also used for other applications (Burgers, advection, etc.).

  • In the spatial dimension, global spectral methods are supported on the plane (Fourier) and the sphere (spherical harmonics).
  • In the time dimension, a large variety of different time integrators is available as well: explicit, implicit, exponential, semi-Lagrangian, etc.

Check out the website for more information!

Website: Contact: Martin Schreiber

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