Martin Schreiber

I’m a full professor at the Université Grenoble Alpes on the adventurous path between high-performance computing and applied mathematics. Here, my strong  belief is that only interdisciplinary knowledge and research can lead to the required breakthroughs needed in scientific computing. However, my research interests are also in other areas such as (real-time) visualization, computer architectures and basically everything which sounds exciting and challenging.

Please have a look at my private website for further information.

Email: martin ONEDOT schreiber ONEAT

Some video impressions of my work

Check out my private website for more media content!

Simulation and visualization on GPUs

Real-time fluid simulation and rendering (video from 2010):

Dynamic adaptive grids for MPI+X Parallelization

Tsunami simulation on dynamic adaptive grids (video from 2012):

Barotropic instability benchmark

Video demonstrating linear and nonlinear effects (video from 2017):

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