Acumes team is developing the following software:

Tram-Opt platform

Tram-Opt is a prototype platform devoted to real-life testing and deployment of a novel traffic control Decision Support System (DSS) for road traffic management, including variable speed limits, ramp-metering and re-routing policies. This DSS is intended for public and private traffic managers to increase freeway network performances (e.g. congestion and pollution reduction)

Tram-Opt platform

MGDA Web Interface

This web portal allows online testing of the Multiple Gradient Descent Algorithm (MGDA), that is aimed at solving multi-objective optimization problems using directional derivative information. See

MGDA web interface


IGLOO is a software suite for isogeometric simulations, relying on a NURBS-based Discontinuous-Galerkin method, towards a seamless CAD-analysis coupling.

Igloo Suite