PhD defense of Yue Wang, 15/03/2019

The PhD defense of Yue Wang, of the thesis « Development of a blimp robot for indoor operation » will take place at Inria Lille, 15/03/2019.

Abstract: Recently, the blimp robot has attracted more and more attentions of the researchers for its advantages compared to other aircrafts, such as ability for, stationary and low speed flight, long endurance in air and safe Human-Robot interaction, etc. Therefore it is an ideal platform for various indoor applications. In this thesis, we study the modeling and motion control of an indoor blimp robot, and develop a real robot for indoor operations such as the long-term surveillance. The work is composed of both theoretical and practical parts. For the theoretical part, first, under reasonable assumptions, the dynamic model is simplified and divided into two independent parts: the altitude motion and the horizontal plane movement. Then, to ensure the accuracy of modeling and control, the nominal model is complemented with disturbance terms which are estimated in real-time and compensated in the designed controllers. Simulations are carried out to verify the performance and robustness of the controllers. For the practical part of the work, based on the functionality analysis of the robot to achieve desired indoor applications, the hardware of the blimp robot is conceived and created. Finally, real tests are made on the blimp robot platform for the validation of the designed motion control laws, and satisfying results are obtained.

Keywords: blimp robot, navigation, estimation, uncertainty compensation, robust control

A propos Denis EFIMOV

Denis Efimov received Ph.D. degree in Automatic Control from the Saint-Petersburg State Electrical Engineering University (Russia) in 2001, and Dr.Sc. degree in Automatic control in 2006 from the Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). From 2000 to 2009 he was a research fellow at the Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS, Control of Complex Systems Laboratory. From 2006 to 2011 he was working in the L2S CNRS (Supelec, France), the Montefiore Institute (University of Liege, Belgium) and IMS CNRS lab (University of Bordeaux, France). In 2011, he joined Inria (Lille - Nord Europe center). Starting from 2018 he is the head of Valse team. He is a co-author of more than 140 peer-reviewed journal papers. He is a member of several IFAC TCs and a Senior Member of IEEE. He is also serving as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Automatica, IFAC Journal on Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems and Asian Journal of Control.

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