Welcome on the website of the associate team shared between the Inria-AIRSEA team and the MIT-UQ group.




The ability to understand and predict the behavior of geophysical flows is of utmost societal importance. This ability is even more urgent in the context of global climate change. Numerical models describing the evolution of the system (ocean + atmosphere) contain a large number of parameters which are generally poorly known. The reliability of the numerical simulations strongly depends on the identification and calibration of these parameters from observed data.

The associate team UNQUESTIONABLE is concerned with the design and the analysis of data assimilation algorithms for geophysical models.

Objectives and research directions

The objectives of this collaboration are to understand the kinds of low-dimensional structure that may be present in geophysical models and to exploit this low-dimensional structure with appropriate algorithms. We focus on parameter space dimension reduction techniques, low-rank structures and transport maps techniques for probability measure approximation.

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