The “Tropical” project-team is common between INRIA Saclay – Île-de-France
and CMAP, École polytechnique – IP Paris, UMR 7641, CNRS

This project-team develops tropical methods motivated by applications arising in decision theory (deterministic and stochastic optimal control, game theory, optimization and operations research), in the analysis or control of classes of dynamical systems (including timed discrete event systems and positive systems), in the verification of programs and systems, and in the development of numerical algorithms. Tropical algebra tools are used in interaction with various methods, coming from convex analysis, Hamilton–Jacobi partial differential equations, metric geometry, Perron-Frobenius and nonlinear fixed-point theories, combinatorics or algorithmic complexity. The emphasis of the project is on mathematical modelling and computational aspects.

The subtitle of the Tropical project, namely, “structures, algorithms, and interactions”, refers to the spirit of our research, including a methodological component, computational aspects, and finally interactions with other scientific fields or real world applications, in particular through mathematical modelling.

The main current fields of applications of the team are: — the dimensioning of emergency call centers (collaboration with Direction de Programme PP/PFAU center 17-112-18, and collaboration with SAMU 75, 92, 93 and 94 of AP-HP, center 15) — the optimization and pricing of energy (collaboration with EDF Labs).

For more information, consult our Activity report

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