Symbolic and numerical mining and exploration of functional biodiversity


SymBioDiversity is an Associate Team between the Inria project team Dyliss located in Rennes, France, the Inria project team Pleiade, located in Bordeaux, France, and the Mathomics department of the Center for Methematical Modeling (Universidad de Chile), located in Santiago de Chile, Chile. Through the combination of data mining, reasoning and mathematical modelling, this team aims at developping approaches for the analysis of the microbial diversity in extreme environments as well as characterising the functional landscape of these ecosystems.

Other research labs participating to the associate team include: Inria project team Pleiade (Bordeaux, France), Pontificia Universidad Católica (Santiago de Chile, Chile) and Inria Chile.

Research directions

  • Machine learning approaches for biodiversity analysis
  • Knowledge representation and constraint programming
  • Mathematical modelling of competition in microbial communities
  • Application to real case studies

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