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     Associate team WOMBAT (2023-2026)

WOMBAT stands for Variance-reduced Optimization Methods and Bayesian Approximation Techniques for scalable inference. WOMBAT is an international project-team started in March 2023 with French and Australian partners. The team federates researchers from Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland and Griffith University in Brisbane; Swinburne University and Monash University in Melbourne; and University of Toulouse and INRAE Jouy en Josas, France. The overall goal of the project is to combine recent ideas from Bayesian statistics, simulation-based inference (SBI) and stochastic approximation (SA), to propose efficient methods for handling complex inferential problems. We shall demonstrate our approaches via applications to problems in challenging domains, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or road network management as initial targets.

Project proposal 2023

Activity Report 2023

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