SUP: Presentation and videos

  • Make it easy for users
  • Make it easy to developers
  • Add your platform specific functionalities

Presentation :

SUP is the STARS development platform. Through a network of cameras we want to extract the scene description. Somebody felt downThis patient is slower than the previous time, or Those two guys swapped their suitcase!

It has to handle contributions of PHD students, permanents, trainees, … through the years. So it needs to be easy to use or to contribute to.

Furthermore this Scene Understanding Platform has some mandatory features to have.

Why inheriting dtk ? :

The advantage of the dtk is really simple. You can follow it as a guide to develop your platform. The idea to use a common framework for INRIA teams makes the effort common. So that by starting a DTK like project you will just have to copy some part of their code to get the functionnalities. So that without too much effort you can have:

  • plugins management
  • high testing capabilities
  • doc targets to generate the documentation
  • a cross-platform software
  • creation of applications graphically
The idea here is to add the most possible software capabilities to develop your platform, to test it, to add documentation, and to distribute it.
There are still some work to do at this level…

What are the mandatory and missing features for SUP ? :

So what do we need more? It is related to our platform needs. We want to create easily new datatypes, new plugin interfaces and new plugins based on those interfaces. In the domain of the video understanding we have to be really flexible.

Furthermore we want to save the output of any plugin easily. To gain processing time, and to test.

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