Sound Symbolic Execution via Abstract Interpretation and its Application to Security vmcai 2023

Tiraboschi Ignacio,  Rezk Tamara Rezk, Rival Xavier

VMCAI 2023

A Meta-Approach to Describe Effectful and Distributed Semantics
Adam Khayam

Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique ; Universite Rennes 1

PhD thesis, 30/11/2022

Semantics in Skel and Necro

Noizet Louis and Schmitt Alan

ICTCS 2022

A Faithful Description of ECMAScript Algorithms

Khayam Adam, Noizet Louis, Schmitt Alan

PPDP 2022

JavaScript Sealed Classes

Serrano Manuel

ECOOP 2022

Spotting Type Mismatches in the Large Despite Broken Contracts, Unsound Types, and Too Many Linters

Hoeflich, Findler, Serrano


Non-Deterministic Abstract Machines

Biernacka Magorzata, Biernacki Dariusz, Lenglet, Serguei, and  Schmitt,Alan


Certified Derivation of Small-Step From Big-Step Skeletal Semantics

Ambal Guillaume, Lenglet Serguei,  Schmitt Alan, and Camille Nous

PPDP 2022

Certified Abstract Machines for Skeletal Semantics

Ambal Guillaume, Lenglet Serguei, and Schmitt Alan

CPP 2022

JSkel: Towards a Formalization of JavaScript’s Semantics

Adam Khayam, Louis Noizet, and Alan Schmitt

JFLA 2021

SecureJS Compiler: Portable Memory Isolation in JavaScript

Yoonseok Ko, Tamara Rezk, Manuel Serrano

SAC 2021

Clockwork: Tracking Remote Timing Attacks

Iulia Bastys, Musard Balliu, Tamara Rezk, Andrei Sabelfeld


Victor Morel, Raúl Pardo
Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society 2020.

Dynamic property caches: a step towards faster JavaScript proxy objects

Manuel Serrano and Robert Bruce Findler


HipHop.js: (A)Synchronous reactive web programming

Gérard Berry and Manuel Serrano


Strenghtening Content Security Policy via Monitoring and URL Parameters Filtering

Francis Somé and Tamara Rezk


Type-Based Declassification for Free

Minh Ngo, David Naumann, Tamara Rezk

Icfem ’20

Martin BodinPhilippa GardnerThomas P. JensenAlan Schmitt

POPL 2019

Analysis of Privacy Policies to Enhance Informed Consent

Raúl Pardo, Daniel Le Métayer


Mathieu Cunche, Daniel Le Métayer, Victor Morel.

Weakly sensitive analysis for JavaScript object-manipulating programs

Yoonseok Ko, Xavier Rival, Sukyoung Ryu

Softw. Pract. Exp.Journal  2019

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