SPAI (Security Program Analyses for the IoT) is an Inria Challenge started on April 2018. Members of the Antique, Celtique, Indes,Kairos, and Privatics Inria teams are involved in SPAI.

SPAI is concerned with the design of program analyses for the Internet of Things (IoT). The proposal is to use programming abstractions to reason about IoT systems  from microcontrollers to the cloud. Relying on the Inria multitier language Hop.js semantics and the current Coq formalizations of JavaScript semantics, we plan to develop analyses in order to guarantee the impossibility of security  violations and implement security properties’ enforcements by compilation.

Research directions

  • IoT security
  • Multitier languages
  • Program analyses
  • JavaScript sandboxing
  • Provable secure compilation

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