Partner papers influenced by the collaboration

  • Pedro Silva, Alexandru Costan, Gabriel Antoniu. Investigating Edge vs. Cloud Computing Trade-offs for Stream Processing. IEEE BigData 2019, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2019 pdf
  • Gabriel Antoniu, Alexandru Costan, Ovidiu Marcu1, Maria S. Pérez, Nenad Stojanovic. Towards a demonstrator of the Sigma Data Processing Architecture. BDEC2: Big Data and Extreme Scale Computing 2 Workshop, Poznan, Poland, 2019 pdf
  • Pedro Silva, Alexandru Costan, Gabriel Antoniu. Towards a Methodology for Benchmarking Edge Processing Frameworks.  IPDPSW 2019 – IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. pp.904-907, 2019 pdf
  • Garcia-Diaz, Jesus, Rolando Menchaca-Mendez, Ricardo Menchaca-Mendez, Saúl Pomares Hernández, Julio César Pérez-Sansalvador, and Noureddine Lakouari. Approximation Algorithms for the Vertex K-Center Problem: Survey and Experimental Evaluation. IEEE Access 7, 2019 pdf
  • Gerardo Hernandez-Oregon, Mario E. Rivero-Angeles, Juan C. Chimal-Eguía, Arturo Campos-Fentanes, Jorge G. Jimenez-Gallardo, Ulises O. Estevez-Alva, Omar Juarez-Gonzalez, Pedro O. Rosas-Calderon, Sergio Sandoval-Reyes and Rolando Menchaca-Mendez. Performance Analysis of V2V and V2I LiFi Communication Systems in Traffic Lights. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Hindawi, England, vol. 6, pp. 1-12, 2019 pdf
  • Hassel Aurora Alcalá Garrido, Mario E. Rivero-Angeles, Eleazar Aguirre-Anaya. Primary User Emulation Attack Detection in Cognitive Radio Enabled WSNs for Structural Health Monitoring. Hindawi Journal of Sensors, vol. Apr., pp. 1-14, 2019 pdf
  • Sergio M. Martínez Chávez, Mario E. Rivero-Angeles, Laura I. Garay Jiménez, Issis Claudete Romero Ibarra. Priority Schemes for Life Extension and Data Delivery in Body Area Wireless Sensor Networks with Cognitive Radio Capabilities. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Hindawi, vol. 2019, pp. 1-22, 2019 pdf

PhD theses related to the collaboration

  • Ovidiu Marcu. KerA: A Unified Ingestion and Storage System for Scalable Big Data Processing. Inria Rennes, 2019 pdf

Project proposal

  • Alexandru Costan. SmartFastData – Efficient Data Management in Support of Hybrid Edge/Cloud Analytics for Smart Cities, 2018 pdf

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