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This page summarizes the visits done in the context of the associate team; note that workshops also give us the opportunity to organise short visits. See there

  • Matias Ibañez: 2 months internship in France December2012 – January 2013
    Internship in the OASIS team on algorithmic skeletons
  • Ludovic Henrio: 1 week visit to Chile, January 2014
    Collaborative work with C Ruz, M Ibañez; visit of NIC Labs (J Bustos), CIRIC (T Barros), and Univ. Catolica
  • Gustavo Pabon: 2 weeks visit to France (planned for March 2014)
    Collaborative work with L Henrio on algorithmic skeletons
  • Matias Ibañez: 4 months internship in France March 2014 – June 2014
  • Cristian Ruz 1 week visit to France, November 2014

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