SCADA: Safe Composition of Autonomic Distributed Applications


Besides a formal collaboration between NIC Labs and OASIS team, the aim of the pro ject is to contribute to programming models and languages for programming, running and debugging parallel and distributed applications. For this we will contribute both from a theoretical and practical perspectives to the design of languages, and their implementation and formalisation. In this project we will focus on composition models allowing to put together individual sequential code into complex applications featuring parallelism and distribution. More precisely we focus on two such composition models: algorithmic skeletons, and distributed components.


Research directions

  • Autonomic algorithmic skeletons
    Participants: Ludovic Henrio, Gustavo Pabon, and Cristian Ruz.
  • Component Verification – this task will particularly focus on safe code generation
    Participants: Tomas Barros, Javier Bustos, Ludovic Henrio, Eric Madelaine, and Alexandra Savu.
  • Autonomic Components
    Participants: Françoise Baude, Javier Bustos, Ludovic Henrio, and Cristian Ruz

Official Documents

The text of the proposal is available here: SCADA AssociateTeam-proposal