A challenge

ROAD-AI is a joint project between  CEREMA and Inria. It is one of the great Inria CHALLENGES.


– A better integrated management of infrastructure assets
– Concile long-term issues with short-term constraints and operational logics
– Have more sustainable, safer and more resilient transport infrastructure


– Build a “digital twin” of the road and its environment on the scale of a complete network
– Define “laws” of pavement behavior
– Instrument system-wide bridges and tunnels and use the data in real time
– Define methods of strategic planning of investments and maintenance


ROAD-AI is organized around 3 main complementary axis.
More details on each axis :
– Axis 1 : Data sensing and collect in hostile environment
– Axis 2: Modeling of  proteiform structures
– Axis 3: Versatile data processing and maintenance optimization

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