Living Lab in Cap Sciences

Cap Sciences is the centre of scientific culture in Bordeaux. Its new collaborative space comprises a Living Lab as a space for visitors to exchange with researchers and to experiment new technologies, a Media Lab for creating digital media and a Fab Lab for quick prototyping and user-driven innovation. Cap Sciences thus provides an optimal environment for enabling a collaborative design process between researchers and visitors of the science center.
Potioc has been collaborating with Cap Sciences for several years, which has enabled us to involve users very early in the design process.

The following Potioc projects have been tested in the Living Lab:

Augmented map of Bordeaux: we are currently experimenting with an augmented reality map of Bordeaux that allows visitors of Cap Sciences to express their opinion regarding the city with the aim to take an active role in the development of the city.
PapART : helps artistic creation by combining pen-and-paper creation with 3D interactive environments.
Toucheo : combines direct multitouch interaction and 3D stereoscopic visualization.

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