Teegi: Tangible EEG Interface

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TeegiJeremy Teegi is a Tangible EEG (ElectroEncephaloGraphy) Interface. It uses a physical puppet on which your brain activity is displayed in real-time. The main objective with Teegi was to enable novice users to get access to tools and visualizations that usually only experts have access to. By making the installation tangible, users can focus on the effect of certain activities (e.g.moving your hands or feet, closing your eyes or trying to relax/meditate) on the readings of their brain activity and therefore increasing their understanding of cerebral processes. We think Teegi could be a tool very well suited to education purposes (e.g. scientific museums) or for use in BCI (Brain Computer Interfaces) training.



  • Jérémy Frey, Renaud Gervais, Stéphanie Fleck, Fabien Lotte, and Martin Hachet. “Teegi: Tangible EEG Interface.” In Proceedings of The 27th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software And Technology. UIST ’14. ACM, 2014, pdf




Want to know more about Teegi? Watch the following video:

Teegi was also presented at the IIT TechFest 2015 in India, which is Asia’s largest technology and science festival. You can watch below a fast-forward view of Teegi demo there:

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