M. Tamer Özsu: Web Data Management in the RDF Age

When: Wednesday, October 1, at 11.00

Where: PCRI building, room 455

Who: M. Tamer Özsu, University of Waterloo

Title: Web Data Management in the RDF Age

Web data management has been a topic of interest for many years during which a number of different modelling approaches have been tried. The latest in this approaches is to use RDF (Resource Description Framework), which seems to provide real opportunity for querying at least some of the web data systematically. RDF has been proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for modeling Web objects as part of developing the “semantic web”. W3C has also proposed SPARQL as the query language for accessing RDF data repositories. The publication of Linked Open Data (LOD) on the Web has gained tremendous momentum over the last number of years, and this provides a new opportunity to accomplish web data integration. A number of approaches have been proposed for running SPARQL queries over RDF­encoded Web data: data warehousing, SPARQL federation, and live linked query execution. In this talk, I will review these approaches with particular emphasis on some of our research within the context of gStore project (joint project with Prof. Lei Zou of Peking University and Prof. Lei Chen of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), chameleon­db project (joint work with Günes Aluç, Dr. Olaf Hartig, and Prof. Khuzaima Daudjee of University of Waterloo), and live linked query execution (joint work with Dr. Olaf Hartig).

Short bio:
M. Tamer Özsu is Professor of Computer Science at the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, and Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. His research is in data management focusing on large­scale data distribution and management of non­traditional data. He is a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), an elected member of the Academy of Science of Turkey, and member of Sigma Xi and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He currently holds a Cheriton Faculty Fellowship at the University of Waterloo.

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