Gianluca Quercini: Matching User Profiles across Social Networks

When: Friday, May 23, at 14.00

Where: PCRI building, room 455

Who: Gianluca Quercini, Supélec

Title: Matching User Profiles across Social Networks

Social Networking Sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, are clear examples of the impact that the Web 2.0 has on people around the world, because they target an aspect of life that is extremely important to anyone: social relationships. The key to building a social network is the ability of finding people that we know in real life, which, in turn, requires those people to make publicly available some personal information, such as their names, family names, locations and birth dates, just to name a few. However, it is not uncommon that individuals create multiple profiles in several social networks, each containing partially overlapping sets of personal information. Matching those different profiles allows to create a global profile that gives a holistic view of the information of an individual.
In this seminar I will address this problem and present a first approach which uses the network topology and the publicly available personal information to iteratively match profiles across n social networks.

This is a joint work with Nacéra Bennacer (Supélec), Coriane Nana Jipmo (Supélec) and Antonio Penta (Università di Torino).

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