Alexandra Roatis: RDF Analytics: Lenses over Semantic Graphs

When: Friday, April 4, at 14.00

Where: PCRI building, room 445

Who: Alexandra Roatis

Title: RDF Analytics: Lenses over Semantic Graphs

The development of Semantic Web (RDF) brings new requirements for data analytics tools and methods, going beyond querying to semantics-rich analytics through warehouse-style tools. In this work, we fully redesign, from the bottom up, core data analytics concepts and tools in the context of RDF data, leading to the first complete formal framework for warehouse-style RDF analytics. Notably, we define i) analytical schemas tailored to heterogeneous, semantics-rich RDF graph, ii) analytical queries which (beyond relational cubes) allow flexible querying of the data and the schema as well as powerful aggregation and iii) OLAP-style operations. Experiments on a fully-implemented platform demonstrate the practical interest of our approach.

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