PhD defense of Federico Ulliana

14.00, room 455, PCRI

Title: “Types for Detecting XML Query-Update Independence”


In the last decade XML became one of the main standards for data storage and exchange on the Web. Detecting XML query-update independence is crucial to efficiently perform data management tasks, like those concerning view-maintenance, concurrency control, and security. This thesis presents a novel static analysis technique to
detect XML query-update independence, in the presence of a schema. Rather than types, the presented system infers chains of types. Each chain represents a path that can be traversed on a valid document during query/update evaluation. The resulting independence analysis is precise, although it raises a challenging issue: recursive schemas may lead to infer infinitely many chains. This thesis presents a sound and complete approximation technique ensuring a finite analysis in any case, together with an efficient implementation performing the chain-based analysis in polynomial space and time.

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