CEREBROS: a paradigm shifting, scalable solution in tele-neuromonitoring

CEREBROS incubated by Electropreneur park, Delhi, India

Bench-to-beside translation led by Dr. med. Abhijit Das


Dr. Das, the clinical collaborator of the INRIA-DST project, launched Arogya MedTech Pvt. Limited company in partnership with Mr. Sengupta, the founder of Kolkata Medical Emergency System & Services, for bench-to-beside translation of medical devices which is currently incubated by the Electropreneur park, Delhi, India. « The first-of-its-kind « Electropreneur park » supports start-ups in electronic design and manufacturing which has been set at the Delhi University. The said incubator has been set up in the varsity’s South Campus by a consortium comprising Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), under Union Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and India Electronics and Semi Conductors Association (IESA) with an investment of Rs 21 crore. » The flagship product of  Arogya MedTech Pvt. Limited, CEREBROS, is partly based on the open-source EEG/EMG-NIRS hardware and software tools for physiological monitoring developed under INRIA-DST funding. CEREBROS is also a 2015 semifinalist at 43North, which gives out $5 million in cash prizes each year to some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and startups from around the globe. « The semifinalists were whittled down from over 3000 submissions and 11,356 registrants [for details, please check the website]. »

NIRS-EEG joint imaging43North

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