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IIT-Gandhinagar develops an eye for stroke

« Visual problems due to brain injury are often overlooked during initial treatment, lengthening rehabilitation period. Our cost-effective system uses quantitative interpretation from images of the eye to identify gaze-related indices as biomarkers of stroke. A patient is asked to look towards a slowly moving visual stimulus on the computer screen, and an integrated web-camera looks …

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Indian collaborators visit Montpellier

Sept. 29, 2015 – 9 to 10 AM – Room 2/124 – talk by Dr. Uttama Lahiri (INRIA-DST collaborator) Title: Gaze-based Prognostic Tool and Virtual Reality based Rehabilitation Platform for Patients with Neurological Disorders Name: Dr. Uttama Lahiri Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, India Gaze-based Prognostic Tool for Patients with Neurological Disorders Eye …

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Utkarsh Jindal: Asia-Pacific Finalist at the 2015 EMBC Student Paper Competition!

Congratulations to Mr. Utkarsh Jindal, NeuroPhys4NeuroRehab project intern, who is the Asia-Pacific Finalist at the 2015 EMBC Student Paper Competition 2015 EMBC Student Paper Competition Finalists

(English) French collaborators visit Institute of Neurosciences and Jadavpur University in Kolkata

Jan. 17, 2015: Presentation by Dr. Mitsuhiro Hayashibe at Jadavpur University Kolkata Jan. 18, 2015: Dr. Das presents a stroke case at the Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata Jan. 18, 2015: Stroke survivor using DEMAR’s Vivaltis FES system at the Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata Jan. 18, 2015: Dinner with Dr. Das and Mr. Sengupta in Kolkata

French collaborators attend workshop on ‘Modern Techniques in Rehabilitation’ at IIT Gandhinagar, India

Jan. 22, 2015: Workshop on ‘Modern Techniques in Rehabilitation’ 9.30 am – 10.00 am: Tea / Snacks and brief introductory session. 10.00 am – 10.30 am: IIT Gandhinagar and the Initiatives by the Center for Biomedical Engineering 10.30 am – 11.00 am: Presentation by Dr. Anirban Dutta 11.00 am – 11.30 am: Presentation by Dr. …

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Visites par DEMAR collaborateurs indiens (Sept-Oct, 2014)

Miracle gadget to detect stroke in seconds

KOLKATA: A simple device attached to the forehead can now help to detect cerebral strokes and assess the extent of the damage it has caused to the brain. It will also help neurologists identify the specific regions in the brain that have been affected, letting them stimulate the areas and revive them effectively.