Mokameeting du 13 mars 2019

Le prochain séminaire de l’équipe Mokaplan aura lieu le mercredi 13 mars à 10h30 à l’université Paris-Dauphine (Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny), en salle B207.

Nous aurons le plaisir d’écouter Daniela Vögler (TUM, Munich) et Simone di Marino (Indam, SNS, Pisa).

Exposé de Daniela Vögler:

Titre: Breaking the Curse of Dimension in Multi-Marginal Kantorovich Optimal Transport on Finite State Spaces 
Résumé:  In this talk, I will present a new ansatz space for the general symmetric multi-marginal Kantorovich optimal transport problem on finite state spaces which reduces the number of unknowns from combinatorial in both N and  to (N+1), where  is the number of marginal states and N the number of marginals. These results were established in collaboration with Gero Friesecke.


Exposé de  Simone di Marino:

Titre: Duality in entropic optimal transport: a priori estimates and applications
Résumé: We want to explore a different approach to the duality in the entropic optimal transport, much more in the spirit of optimal transport, which is different from the usual techniques coming from the Schrodinger problem. This will result in consistent a priori estimates, which are consistent in the limit $\ep \to 0$. As a byproduct we prove that the IPFP algorithm is converging also in the multimarginal case.

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