Postdoctoral position: distributed simulation of cyber-physical systems (*** position filled ***)

*** Position filled ***

Context and objective: A postdoctoral position is available at Inria Rennes (France) in the context of the IPL ModeliScale initiative. This position is funded by the Glose project, funded by Safran. The objective of the postdoctoral position is to investigate compile-time and run-time techniques for the distributed simulation of large cyber-physical systems. This includes Structural Analysis algorithms for partitioning large Modelica models into networks of FMI components that can be efficiently simulated on a distributed computing architecture, but also novel numerical schemes such as Quantized State Systems (QSS) methods and code-generation techniques for these methods.

Expected qualifications and skills: Scientists with a PhD degree and skills in programming language design, high-performance computing or numerical analysis are invited to apply. Knowledge of the Modelica language will be a plus, but is not necessary. The position is available immediately and will be filled as soon an adequate candidate as been sought.

Duration: 24 months

Location: Hycomes team, Inria Rennes, France

Contact: For further information, please contact Benoît Caillaud.


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