Permanent research scientist positions at Inria in Grenoble

The Inria research center in Grenoble has five open positions for permanent research scientists every year. The positions are granted to junior researchers having a PhD degree and one or more years of experience as a post-doctoral scientist, after a competitive examination procedure taking place in the beginning of 2023. Candidates can apply to join one of the 23 groups in the research center in Grenoble.

The MICROCOSME team is looking for candidates interested in the study of bacterial growth from an interdisciplinary perspective. In particular, we are looking for young researchers with a strong track record in mathematical biology, computational biology, microbiology, or biophysics, who would like to work on the interface of the mathematical modeling, analysis, and experimental study of bacterial growth.

For more information, please contact the head of the MICROCOSME team, Delphine Ropers

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