Team members

Team Leader

Permanent Researchers

Research Engineers

PhD Students

  • Fabrice Dupuis (Quantum Algorithms/Protocols and Network Design Models for the Quantum Communications Networks, adv. C. Goursaud with Omar Fawzi)
  • Idham Habibie (Quantum Computing for MU access, adv. C. Goursaud)
  • Alix Jeannerot ( Data-driven management of massive access IoT communicationnetworks, adv. M Egan, JM Gorce)
  • Guillaume Marthe (Spiking neurons for wireless communications , adv. C Goursaud)
  • Shashwat Mishra (Machine Learning Empowered Massive Machine Type Communication, adv. JM Gorce, with Calvin Chen, @Nokia Bell Labs)
  • Mateus Pontes Mota (Deep Reinforcement Learning for Radio Resource Management and Communication Learning, adv. JM Gorce, with Alvaro Valcarce, @Nokia Bell Labs)
  • Shanglin Yang (Backscattered enhanced localization, adv. JM Gorce with Guillaume Villemaud and P.H. Dinh Thuy @Orange Labs)

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Homa Nikbakht
  • Naveed Ahmad


  • Cécilia Navarro
  • Linda Soumari

Former Members

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