Do you want to join us ?

Are you looking for a tenured researcher position ?

Our group is hiring permanent Inria researchers through the annual competition, with junior or senior position competitions. Next competition will start in January 2024.

Feel free to contact us before September 2023.

informations here : concours Inria

Are you a talentuous young PhD, looking for a postdoc ?

Here are some available positions :

2023-06324 – Post-Doctoral Research Visit F/M Post-doctoral Position in Massively Multi-User Wireless Communications

2023-06325 – Post-Doctoral Research Visit F/M Unsupervised Machine Learning for Wireless Communications

2023-06371 – Post-Doctoral Research Visit F/M fundamental limits of massive, reliable and low latency communications

You get your master or Engineer diploma soon. would you like to contribute to the future of wireless networks ?

Here are the offered positions in MARACAS

2023-06701 -Online Federated Learning with Non-i.i.d. Data

2023-06148 – PhD Position F/M Unsupervised Machine Learning for Wireless Communications

Closed 2023-06146 – PhD Position F/M Massively Multi-User Wireless Communications

Closed 2023-06474 – PhD Position F/M Deep learning techniques for radio identification

Closed : 2023-05880 – PhD Quantum algorithms for NOMA systems


If you want to learn and top level technologies and contribute to the 6G design :

2023-06473 – Development – System – Networkengineer for CorteXlab

2023-06717 -design of enhanced tracking and location services for 5G in the context of Paris Olympic Games

2023-06717 -design of enhanced services for 5G in the context of Paris Olympic Games


Engineering – master internship : we can hosts internships at different levels (bachelor, master), on technical topics, scientific subjects. If you are good in mathematics, signal processing, digital communications, software defined radio, wireless design, experimentation.

Join us to design the future of wireless communications, intelligent networks and distributed systems : feel free to contact us.

Available positions :

2023-06913 – Internship – Reinforcement Learning for Stochastic Resource Allocation in 6G Networks – starting March 2023


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