Team members

LEMON is a project-team in common with two labs of University of Montpellier:
Hydrosciences (HSM) and Institut Montpelliérain Alexander Grothendieck (IMAG)



Permanent members

Antoine Rousseau Annie Aliaga Carole Delenne Pascal Finaud-Guyot
Researcher, Team Head Assistant Ass. Professor Ass. Professor
Inria & IMAG Inria UM – HSM UM – HSM
Vincent Guinot Gwladys Toulemonde
Professor Ass. Professor

Non-permanent members


Vita Ayoub Yassine Belghaddar Cécile Choley José Galaz
PhD Student CIFRE PhD Student PhD Student PhD Student
LIST & UM – HSM Berger-Levrault & UM – HSM ENGEES & UM – HSM Inria & UM – IMAG
Samuel Valiquette
PhD Student
Sherbrooke & UM

Former members

  • Fatima Palacios, Post-Doc fellow Inria & UM-IMAG, moved to Univ. Complutense de Madrid
  • Joao Caldas, PhD Inria & UM-IMAG, moved to Post-Doc in Sao Paulo (Brasil)
  • Joseph Kahn, PhD Inria & UM-IMAG, moved to Peru

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