Littoral, Environment: M0dels and Numerics

Team presentation

LEM0N is an Inria Sophia-Antipolis Méditerranée research team in applied mathematics. We develop theoretical and numerical tools to model physical processes that occur in the coastal region. This area can be seen as the natural interface between various environments: sea, sandy bottoms, urban coastal areas, river deltas, lagoons, etc. Our objective is to build and improve models to simulate those systems and to couple them (together or with external data) in order to produce a global forecasting system that better accounts for the variety of natural phenomena.

A number of specific features are shared by the physical processes that we are interested in: non-linearities, interactions between various time and space scales, interactions between various media, etc.

Research themes

In order to account for these features, our main research working fiels are:

  • theoretical and numerical modeling thanks to partial differential equations,
  • upscaling and downscaling techniques (including homogenization),
  • boundary conditions that are both physically and mathematically satisfying,
  • coupling algorithms that are both accurate and computationally inexpensive.

LEM0N is a truly interdisciplinary team. While focusing on a sharp applicational scope, we build and analyse non-linear mathematical models, study their discretization with recent numerical techniques, and implement our algorithms in realistic test-cases. The part of our work that is more related to applications is performed in close collaboration with specialists from the different fields involved (geophysicists, etc).

International and industrial relations

  • Indiana University Bloomington, USA
  • University of California, Irvine, USA
  • Centro de Modelamiento Matemático (CMM), Santiago, Chile
  • Foundation Inria Chile, Santiago, Chile
  • EDF R&D, Chatou, France
  • ARTELIA Group, Grenoble, France