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Professor in anatomy and neurosurgeon at the University Hospital of Grenoble (assistant prof until sept 2011): Olivier is focusing his research on the use of virtual models to express morphology and spatial relationships between organs. In the IMAGINE project, he will study the use of a priori anatomical knowledge in 3D modelling based on sketches; set up new ways of interacting with anatomical knowledge; and explore applications to the education domain. Olivier Palombi is in charge, at the national level, of the “Digital Campus of Anatomy”.
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Short CV

Olivier Palombi, MD, PhD
Professor at University of Joseph Fourier (UJF)


Undergraduate qualifications

  • University Paris V, Necker Children’s Hospital, Paris, (1990-1996): General Medicine.

Postgraduate qualifications

  • 2002 MD, Neurosurgery, University Joseph Fourier (UJF), Grenoble, (1996-2002).
  • 2006 Ph.D. Computer Graphics, Grenoble Institute of Technology (INPG).
  • 2010 Habilitation Medecine, University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble.

Appointments held

  • since 2011 : Professor of Anatomy and Neurosurgery, (University Hospital of Grenoble, UJF).
  • 2007-2011 : Assistant Professor, University Hospital of Grenoble.
  • 2005-2007 : Fellow in Anatomy and Neurosurgery, Pr J-G Passagia, Grenoble.
  • 2004-2005 : Honoraray Senior Research Associates of POWMRI, Pr G Paxinos , Sydney, Australia).
  • 2003-2004 : Fellow in Anatomy and Neurosurgery: Pr A-L Benabid, Grenoble.
  • 1998: 2003 : Resident in Neurosurgery: Pr A-L Benabid, Grenoble.

Research interests and Publications

  • Anatomical modeling, Real time simulation, Formal representation of anatomical knowledge (ontologies), Teaching of Anatomy using ICT.
  • 3 PhD thesis (co-advised)
  • Publications :
    • 15 Journal papers (international, refereed)
    • 1 Book edited and 3 Book chapters
    • 5 International conference papers, (refereed, selection committee)

5 recent publications :

  • M. Bucki, O. Palombi, M. Bailet, and Y. Payan. Doppler Ultrasound Driven Biomechanical Model of the Brain for Intraoperative Brain-Shift Compensation: A Proof of Concept in Clinical Conditions. Soft Tissue Biomechanical Modeling for Computer Assisted Surgery Springer (Ed.) (2012).
  • Palombi O, Pihuit A, Cani MP. 3D Modeling of branching vessels from anatomical sketches: towards a new interactive teaching of anatomy: Interactive virtual blackboard. Surg Radiol Anat. 2011 Sep;33(7):631-6. Epub 2011 May 27.
  • Merabti T, Soualmia LF, Grosjean J, Palombi O, Müller JM, Darmoni SJ. Translating the Foundational Model of Anatomy into French using knowledge-based and lexical methods. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak. 2011 Oct 26;11:65.
  • O Palombi, G Bousquet, D Jospin. S Hassan. L Reveret & F Faure. Magnenat-Thalmann, N. (Ed.) My Corporis Fabrica: A Unified Ontological, Geometrical and Mechanical View of Human Anatomy Modelling the Physiological Human, Magnenat-Thalmann, N. (Ed.), Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2009, 5903, 209-219 Lecture notes in computer science (LNC), Springer (2009).
  • Palombi O, Shin JW, Watson C, Paxinos G Neuroanatomical affiliation visualization-interface system. Neuroinformatics; 4(4):299-317. (2006).

Projects and Collaborations :

  • Creator of My Corporis Fabrica. MyCF is collaborative project focused on the anatomical knowledge and its computational representation for anatomical modeling. Web site of the project : http://www.mycorporisfabrica.org/
  • ANR SoHuSIm, 2010-2014, Coordinator B. Gilles (LIRMM), Partner LJK.
  • Responsible of the French Campus numérique of anatomy : http://campusdanatomie.org/

Clinical and University duties :

  • Clinical duties : Neurosurgery (more than 200 surgical procedures a year), Clinical studies in neurosurgery.
  • University duties: Medical Gross Anatomy (40h a year), Neuro-anatomy lessons for medical students (35h a year)

Service to the community :

  • Member of CNU (National University Council) 42-01 (anatomy), (2009-2011).


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