Industrial contacts

The team has historical relations with industrial partners on diverse areas in networking, including ALSTOM (on rare event simulation), Orange (on network economics, AI, wireless networks, network management), Nokia (on network economics, AI), Technicolor (on AI). It has also contacts with regulatory bodies on neutrality issues and the development of tools to monitor a satisfying behavior of actors of the Internet. We also have contacts with regulatory bodies.

As of 2022, the team is  holding contracts with Nokia (Cifre and ADR; on several applications of Data Analysis and Machine Learning to networking), Exfo (Cifre; on reliable probes placement) and CISCO (Cifre; on localisation indoor, FTM5). The objective is to carry out common research on an integrated framework for 5G, programmable networks, IoT and clouds that aims at statically and dynamically managing and optimizing the 5G infrastructure using, in particular, Machine Learning techniques.


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