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Un exemple :

  • GLE

    • GraphiteLifeExplorer

    • GLE is a 3D modeler, developed as a plugin of Graphite, dedicated to molecular biology. Biologists need simple spatial modeling tools to help in understanding the role of the relative position of objects in the functioning of the cell. In this context, we develop a tool for easy DNA modeling. The tool generates DNA along any user-given curve, open or closed, allows fine-tuning of atoms position and, most importantly, exports to PDB (the Protein Daba Bank file format).

  • MicroMégas

  • testgraph


    • VORPALINE mesh generator

    • VORPALINE is a surfacic and volumetric mesh generator, for simplicial meshes (triangles and tetrahedra), for quad-dominant and hex-dominant meshes. It also contains surfacic and volumic parameterization modules.


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