The main objective of the French-Chile team Greencore is to join the expertise and tools, in order to implement models and control strategies aiming to manage and finally optimize key bioprocesses for bioenergy production.


By joining the expertises and experimental set-up of this mutliskill distributed team, we want to demonstrate that closed loop control laws can significantly increase the productivity, ensure the bioprocess stability and decrease the environmental footprint of these systems.

As ultimate objective, we want to couple the two processes (microalgae and anaerobic digestion) to propose an even more sustainable and relevant solution for bioenergy production while minimizing its footprint.

Energy can be recovered from biomass and nutrients and recycled into the microalgal culture. However, coupling these two processes entails even more hurdles for modelling, optimization and closed loop control. Related objectives will also be to implement and validate the control laws on a pilot plant using the ODIN software developed by BIOCORE.

Finally, in terms of student formation, we are proposing the beginning of a long-term cooperation, by enrolling undergraduate or postgraduate students in dual programs of the participant institutions of this project.

Greencore partners

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