• Simuscale

    • Ode, Simulation, Multiscale, Multi-agent

    • Simuscale is a C++ simulation framework that models both intra- and extra-cellular processes at different time scales. Its decoupled architecture allows for an easy and parsimonious extension of the model with e.g. a new kind of intra-cellular formalism.

    • Carole Knibbe (, David Parsons (, Fabien Crauste (, Olivier Gandrillon (, Raphael Bournhonesque (, Samuel Bernard (

    • CNRS, UCBL Lyon 1

    • Samuel Bernard (

  • CelDyn

    • Modeling, Bioinformatics, Biology

    • Software "Celdyn" is developed in order to model cell population dynamics for biological applications. Cells are represented either as soft spheres or they can have more complex structure. Cells can divide, move, interact with each other or with the surrounding medium. Different cell types can be introduced. When cells divide, the types of daughter cells are specified. A user interface is developed.

    • Alen Tosenberger, Laurent Pujo-Menjouet (, Nikolai Bessonov, Vitaly Volpert (

    • Vitaly Volpert (

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