Team members

  • Pierre-Frederic Villard (Principal Investigator), TANGRAM, Lorraine University, associate professor
    Expertise: soft-tissue modelling, biomechanical simulation and medical image processing.
  • Marie-Odile Berger, TANGRAM, Inria, senior researcher
    Expertise: tracking, registration, deformable models and visual modelling.
  • Erwan Kerrien, TANGRAM, Inria, senior researcher
    Expertise: Medical image processing, medical image registration and image-driven simulation.
  • Daryna Panicheva, TANGRAM, PhD student, Lorraine University 
    Expertise: Medical image processing
  • Nariman Khaledian, TANGRAM, PhD student, Lorraine University 
    Expertise: Fluid-structure interaction
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  • Robert D. Howe, HBL, Harvard University, senior professor
    Expertise: Design, sensing, and motor control in biological and robotic systems
  • Peter Hammer, HBL, Harvard University, senior researcher
    Expertise: mathematical modelling of cardiac biomechanics and electrophysiology, biomedical signal and image processing.
  • Douglas Perrin, HBL, Harvard University, senior researcher
    Expertise: Real-time computer vision, senior assistance and planing using robotics and parallel processing
  • Zixi Liu, HBL, Harvard University, grad student,
    Expertise: image processing, ultrasound imaging
  • Thomas Waite, HBL, Harvard University, undergrad student,
    Expertise: Numerical simulation, 1D-model simulation

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