Inria-Inserm project-team 

COMPutational pharmacology and clinical Oncology

COMPO is hiring!! Attractive Inserm junior professor chair position in “Computational modeling for multi-omics data”. More info here.

Activity reports: 2023 2022 2021

Team presentation

The ambition of the COMPO Inria-Inserm joint project-team is to develop novel mathematical models integrating data available in clinical oncology (from clinical trials and routine care), in order to provide decision-making tools to oncologists. The main goals are : 1) to develop personalized medicine and 2) to optimize the design of scheduling regimen for combinatorial clinical trials. To achieve these, the team uniquely gathers mathematicians, pharmacologists and medical oncologists. It is integrated in the Center of Cancer Research of Marseille (Inserm U1068, CNRS UMR7258, Aix-Marseille Université UM105, Institut Paoli-Calmettes) and located in the La Timone Health Science campus of the University Hospitals of Marseille (AP-HM), close to the INCa-labeled center for early phase clinical trials (CLIP2). This joint project-team, built on strong expertise in mathematical modeling, pharmacometrics and experimental and clinical oncology, is committed to develop novel methodologies combining mechanistic and statistical modeling to be ultimately applied at bedside.

Research themes

1. Quantitative modeling for personalized clinical oncology

2. Individualizing anticancer drugs regimen

3. Optimizing combinatorial strategies with immune checkpoint inhibitors

International and industrial relations

International academic collaborations: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center (Dr J Ebos, USA), Sydney University (Dr S. Yip, Australia), Amsterdam Cancer Center (Pr GJ Peters, Netherlands), Iowa State University (Dr J Mochel, USA), the Newcastle Northern Cancer Institute (Pr G. Veal, UK), Northeastern University, Boston (Pr M Amiji, USA), TU München (P. Schlicke), Silesian University of Technology, Poland (E. Kozlowska)

Industrial collaborations: Roche (pRED and Genentech), AstraZeneca, Merck Serono, Bristol-Myers Squibb, HalioDX, Innate Pharma


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