CoKLyCo is the acronym of the project COffee-Kyoto-LYon-COperation. Wink: it pronounces like “coquelicot”, that is red poppy in French.

The project if funded by Inria, through its International Affairs programs and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), through the cooperation program  AYAME (Wink: Ayame means iris…).


Water color of poppies; by courtesy of Patricia Labeaume

The project brings together experts in kinetic theory and hydrodynamic models from the Inria teams Coffee, from Nice, Khaliffe, from Lyon and Kyoto University and others

Kinetic theory plays a central role in many areas of mathematical physics, from nanoscales to continuum mechanics. It is an indispensable tool in the mathematical description of applications in physical science from its origin in dilute gases, to wide applications such as semiconductors, polymers, cells, plasma, galaxies, traffic networking, and swarming. Many challenges remain in both the analysis and efficient computational techniques for such problems.

The project is concerned with the modeling of rarefied gas dynamics for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems. The design of such devices with tiny scales leads to new questions related to the intricate particles/structures interactions. Strongly motivated by the specific technological content, we wish to develop original computational tools, based on rigorous mathematical basis.

This project is therefore concerned with the mathematical analysis and the numerical simulation of systems of PDEs of kinetic type, or their hydrodynamic counter-part, set in a moving domain.

In 2014, we started working on several aspects of these questions, owing to a couple of visits and meetings during conferences, like the one in CIRM, Nov, 2014.