COFFEE is a joint team of the Inria Sophia Antipolis Research Centre and the Laboratory J.-A. Dieudonne, CNRS-University Nice Sophia Antipolis.

The activity of the Team COFFEE relies on

Applied Mathematics, Computational Models and Simulation
Modeling, Simulation and Numerical Analysis

The project aims at studying mathematical models issued from environmental and energy management questions. We consider systems of PDEs of hydrodynamic type or hybrid fluid/kinetic systems.The problems we have in mind involve unusual coupling, which in turn leads to challenging difficulties for mathematical analysis and the need of original numerical solutions.
By nature many different scales arise in the problems, which allows to seek hierarchies of reduced models based on asymptotic arguments. The topics require a deep understanding of the modeling issues and, as far as possible boosted by the mathematical analysis of the equations and the identification of key structure properties, we wish to propose innovative and performing numerical schemes (mainly of Finite Volume type).

Research directions

  • Particulate flows, Mixture flows
  • Low Mach flows, radiative transfer
  • Biological degradation (biological damage on monuments, biofilms formation and algae proliferation)
  • Flows in porous media
  • Conception and analysis of Finite Volume schemes
  • Plasma physics

Institutional Partners :

Industrial Partners :

  • Total, one of the lagest international oil and gas company in the world.
  • GdF-Suez, an expert operator in the key sectors of electricity, natural gas and energy services.
  • CEA, the French Atomic Energy Commission
  • BRGM, the reference national public institution for Earth Science applications in the management of surface and subsurface resources and risks. We are working together on a research program supported by Carnot Institute, in order to improve the numerical simulations of flows in porous media.