Team members

Team Leader




  • Florent Tornil, Inria Engineer

 Ph Students and Postdocs

  • Olivier Rodriguez (ANR grant)
  • Guillaume Perution-Khili (Inria)
  • Mohamed Aziz SfarGandoura (Cifre EDF)

Administrative Assistant

  • Annie Aliaga, Inria Assistant

The Family … former team members (*) and where they have gone

  • Maxime Buron (Postdoc, now Associated Professor at Clermont Auvergne University)
  • Elie Najm (PhD Student)
  • Martin Jedwabny (PhD Student)
  • Clément Sipieter (Engineer, then Technical Director at Anabassis Assets)
  • Stathis Delivorias (PhD Student, then ATER University Paul Valéry )
  • Abdelraouf Hecham (PhD student, then Postdoc EU project, INRA, now Engineer at Business & Decision)
  • Bruno Yun (PhD Student then postdoc University of Edinburg)
  • Nikos Karanikolas (PostDoc IATE Laboratory)
  • Abdallah Arioua (PhD Student, then Post Doc, LIRIS, Lyon)
  • Khalil Ben Mohamed (PhD student, then R&D Engineer at MIMOS, Malaysia)
  • Jean-Rémi Bourguet (PhD student, then Postdoc at Università di Sassari, Italy)
  • Fabien Garreau (PhD student then ATER University of Angers)
  • Léa Guizol (PhD student, then R&D Engineer at MIMOS, Malaysia)
  • Mélanie König (PhD student, then R&D Engineer at ITK)
  • Patricio Mosse (Intern/ Programmer, Student at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Bruno Paiva Lima Da Silva (PhD student, then Engineer at Chaordic, Brazil, now Amazon, Canada)
  • Odile Papini (Professor at the University of Aix-Marseille, CNRS delegation 2015-16)
  • Namrata Patel (Researcher ViseoTechnologie Grenoble)
  • Swan Rocher (PhD student)
  • Nouredine Tamani (Postdoc, then Postdoc at La Rochelle University)
  • Michaël Thomazo (PhD student, then Postdoc at TU Dresden, Germany, now Inria Researcher, OAK/Cedar team)

Our colleagues from former LIRMM teams

Jean-Pierre Aubert, Boris Carboneill, Olivier Carloni, Olivier Cogis, David Genest, Olivier Guinaldo, Olivier Haemmerlé, Gwen Kerdilès, Anne Preller, Fatiha Saïs, Eric Salvat, Geneviève Simonet

(*) we only list here those who spent at least one year with us but do not forget the many others!

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