InteGraal (

InteGraal is a Java tool for reasoning on heterogeneous and federated data. The tool embodies algorithms and techniques developed at the crossroads between the field of knowledge representation and reasoning and data management. InteGraal has been designed in a modular way, in order to facilitate software reuse and extension. It should make it easy to test new scenarios and techniques, in particular by combining algorithms. The main features of Graal are currently the following: (1) internal storage to store data by using a SQL or RDF representation (Postgres, MySQL, HSQL, SQLite, Remote SPARQL endpoints, Local in-memory triplestores) as well as a native in-memory representation (2) data-integration capabilities for exploiting federated heterogeneous data-sources through mappings able to target system such as SQL, RDF, and black-box (eg. Web-APIs) and (3) algorithms for query-answering over heterogeneous and federated data based on query rewriting and/or forward chaining (or chase).

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