AYANA was created at the beginning of 2020, following the activity of former AYIN team.

AYANA: AI and Remote Sensing on board for the New Space

Research directions

the AYANA AEx is an interdisciplinary project using knowledge in stochastic modeling, image processing, artificial intelligence, remote sensing and embedded electronics/computing.

The aerospace sector is expanding and changing (“New Space”). It is currently undergoing a great many changes both from the point of view of the sensors at the spectral level (uncooled IRT, far ultraviolet, etc.) and at the material level (the arrival of nano-technologies or the new generation of “Systems on chips” (SoCs) for example), that from the point of view of the carriers of these sensors: high resolution geostationary satellites; Leo-type low-orbiting satellites; or mini-satellites and industrial cube-sats in constellation. AYANA will work on a large number of data, consisting of very large images, having very varied resolutions and spectral components, and forming time series at frequencies of 1 to 60 Hz. For the embedded electronics/computing part, AYANA will work in close collaboration with specialists in the field located in Europe, working at space agencies and/or for industrial contractors.


  • Remote sensing image analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Embedded software