The following software tools are currently developed and available :

  • PISA, a matlab toolbox for closed-loop stability analysis of electronic circuits.
  • easyFF, a software dedicated to the computation of optimal multiband filtering
    functions with complex specifications.
  • Dedale-HF, a toolbox dedicated to the coupling matrix synthesis problem for microwave filters.
  • FindSources3D, for solving inverse source localisation problems in EEG.
  • Presto-HF, a toolbox dedicated to the the fundamental de-embedding problem for microwave filters.
  • RARL2, internal realisation and rational approximation of systems.

Other software tools :

  • Endymion, a Lisp interpreter dedicated to the identification and rational approximation of transfer functions.
  • Tralics, a tranlator from LaTeX to XML.
  • Gaia, a Bourbaki implementation in Coq.
  • RR.sty, a .sty file for research reports at INRIA.

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